Getting Started

To get started with using ProCalV5, there are several items you may want to address to ease the entry of calibration management data.

First, you may want to set some System Options and Defaults. This screen, invoked from the "File" menu, contains some important values for using the system, and some values which will be default values for your first Company record.

You may also want to set up Employees/Users and/or User Groups for your system. We recommend you create at least one additional System Administrator user ID, in a group with some system option and Employee/Group access.

You must set up a Company before entering any other information into ProCalV5. To invoke the Company Screen, click on the "Add Company" menu item on the main form's Tools menu.

After saving a company you can enter the locations for this company. You can invoke the Location Screen by clicking the "Add Location" menu item in the "Tools" menu or by clicking the "Add Locations" button on the Company Screen. These locations are optional, but can help in identifying instruments. If your locations have more than one building you should enter these from the location screen. They, too, can help identify instruments.

Statuses and Signal Types should be entered next. Optionally Manufacturers, Instrument Types, Vendors, Classifications, or Calibration Types could also be entered.

If using the PM/Work Order system, be sure to set the Open Work, Closed Work, and Assigned Request Statuses in your Company record. Also make sure that none of them have the same value.

Equipment records should be entered next. Invoke the Equipment Screen by clicking on the "Equipment" button on the main form's menu bar. Like the locations, equipment records are optional, but can help in identifying instruments.

You should now enter instruments,  loops, systems or test instruments. See Also: Instrument Screen, Loop Screen, System Screen, Test Instrument Screen for help in doing this.

Use the "Calibration Screen" to record the results of instrument, test instrument or loop calibrations.