Selecting the Maintenance Requests option in the toolbar, opens the Maintenance Request List.

  • All of the columns on the Maintenance Request list screen are able to be sorted by clicking on the column header.  By clicking on the column header a second time will flip the sorting order.  Sorting only sorts the records that are in view on the page.
  • To see additional records, there are two methods.  Firstly you can navigate to additional pages by selecting a page number in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • In addition to selecting a specific page, you also can add the number of records that are present per page.  In the bottom left corner of the screen there is a total number of rows (records) as well as the current number of records per page.
  • If you are searching for a specific maintenance request record, or a group of records, there is a "Search" bar that allows you to search any attribute that is part of a Maintenance Request. 
  • The "Search" bar searches ALL records, not just the records in view.
  • As you type each letter or number within the search bar, the list of maintenance requests changes instantly to meet the criteria