Adding a new Maintenance Request starts with clicking the "New Maintenance Request" button on the Maintenance Request List screen.

Upon selecting the New Maintenance Request button, the Create Maintenance Request screen appears.

In order to save Maintenance Request, there are a few Required fields, they include:

  • Company - Associated ProCalV5 Company; determining the Company will determine the values in the following drop down fields:
    • Item ID
    • Maintenance Type
    • Priority.
  • Item Type - Associated items in ProCalV5 that include:
    • Building
    • Equipment
    • General Service (nothing specific associated with ProCalV5)
    • Instrument
    • Location
    • Loop
    • System
    • Test Instrument
  • Maintenance Type - Maintenance descriptions that are created in ProCalV5.
  • When selecting any value other than "General Service" in the Item Type field, will then add an additional field to be required, the Item ID field.

HINT:  If a Company is selected and Item ID, Maintenance Type and Priority fields are blank still, you will need to check the connected ProCalV5 Company and confirm there are in fact values for those fields present.

  • The image below displays that when you select a Company the values in other fields will change based on the data present in those companies.

  • The additional fields that are not required consist of:
    • Maintenance Description
    • Date Required - must be entered in mm/dd/yyyy.  By clicking in the field will show a select-able calendar widget.
    • Priority
    • Phone
    • Notes

  • There are three (3) fields that are grayed out and unable to be edited during the addition of a Maintenance Request:
    • Requested By - The username of the currently logged in eView user, whom is creating the Maintenance Request.
    • Email - The email associated with the currently logged in eView user.
    • Date Requested - "Today's" Date.
  • Once the fields are complete, to finish the process click the "Create" button,
  • Upon clicking "Create" a Maintenance Request has been added to the associated ProCalV5 database as well as is added to the Maintenance Request List.