How to Attach a Calibration Cert From an Outside Vendor

We are often asked by our customers “How can I attach a cert from an outside vendor into ProCalV5”. Most of our customers will send some items out to a Vendor for Calibration, especially their Test Standards. This tutorial will show you how to set up a User Defined Variable on the Calibration screen.

Form the Home screen in ProCalV5 select Tools – User Defined Variables

This will open the User Variable Definition screen. The blue arrow drop down shows all the different file types that can have User Defined Variables assigned. (Some items may not be available in your version of ProCalV5)

From the drop down select ‘Calibration’ and then the ‘Add New Variable’ button for each new Variable you want to add.

Enter the ‘Name’ as you would like it to be shown on the screen. By default for “Type” will be ‘TEXT’. To change highlight the value and a drop down will appear and you can select from the following:

  • TEXT                Allows you to enter Alpha/Numeric text
  • DECIMAL         Allows for a number value that will include a Decimal
  • INTEGER          Allows for a number value (no Decimal)
  • DATE               Allows for a Date entry
  • LIST                  Allows users to pick from a preconfigured List
  • FILE                  Allows user to provide a link to either a File or Website
  • SIGNATURE     Allows for a checkbox that will provide a Time/Date stamp as well as the User that checked the box.

For our example we will use the ‘FILE’. The “User Defined List Type’” column is applicable if you selected ‘LIST’. The “Display Name” and “Locale” columns will only be available to our Multi-Language releases. ( and up) The Multi-Language allows you to enter a unique Display Name for each of your supported Locales. After you Save the record it will look like the image below:

And below is how it will appear on the Calibration screen:

Selecting the ‘Ellipses’ button will give you the following options: