Add a shortcut to move All 'As Found' values to 'As Left' values on the calibration screen

New screen that will display all the changes for the current Active Change Control

New File menu option for Master records to launch a New Calibration record from the Master Record

New option to Refresh Reminders

Option to "Acknowledge All" notifications

Added a warning on the Calibration screen when saving a record which will not result in the scheduled date being rolled forward.

The software will now retain the entered resolution of reading values on display on screen and in reports. (even if the value is outside of the Resolution value for the record)

The Help--> About screen will now display the maximum number of users that has been initialized into the database.

Allow the ability of the upload/download screen to upload “Saved State” records on a Fluke 74x or 75x calibrator as a single point calibration with no pass/fail capabilities.

Enhanced the Data Load to include Multiple Record types (Instruments, Equipment, Loops, Systems and Test Instruments), multiple Calibration Groups can be added, the Manual Pass/Fail Test Type can be added as a Group and the ability to run the Utility in a 'Test' mode to review possible errors.

Better resizing of the Note screens to accommodate large Notes.

Users can now build a Custom Correlation for Calibration points

On the "Authorize Record screen" (when uploading Calibrations from a Calibrator), a user can now add additional Test Instruments and/or Notes to the Calibration record.

When User's download Tags to a Calibrator they will have an option to run a Report that will list the Tags downloaded.

Change Control Exempt. Users will be able to define which fields, if any, that they would allow to be changed without initiating a Change Control.

Add ability to specify: Company / Service Company association Company / Multiple-service company associations Company all Service Company associations

New Company option to allow Dates to Roll Early if not within the Grace period.

New Company option to override the "Keep On Schedule" option when entering a Calibration.

Restrict the ability to modify the "Scheduled Date" when entering a Calibration.