Some Users will have the ability to change a Label in ProCalV5 to better suit their business needs. The some customers refer to their Instruments as Tags, or Test Instruments as Standards. Most labels in ProCalV5 can be changed.

Use Labels from a Different Company

On the Company screen, General Info tab there is a setting that allows you to use defined Labels from  a different Company. (see below)

If this is set to a different Company, then the option to change labels in this Company will not be available. All Labels would have to be changed from the parent Company.

Change Labels - 5.4.0.# - 5.7.0.#

From the Home screen, select Tools - User Defined labels. The screen below will open.

Only the "Current Label" and "Short Label" can be modified. (The "Short Label" is for Reports.)

Change Labels - 5.8.0.#

From the Home screen, select Tools - User Defined labels

Only the "Override Label" and "Override Short" can be modified. The Locale drop down will list all the Locales associated with the software. Select a different Locale to change a Label for that language.

Reset Labels to Default

With the Label screen open, select File - Restore Defaults(See screen below) If you want to Restore Labels to Default for all languages, you will have to reset for each language.

Who Changed that Label

With the Label screen open, select File - Show History to open the Audit trail. (See screen above)

Export to Excel

With the grid open, Right click

User Can't Change Labels

If the option for Labels is grayed out (see below) then either you are not in a Group that allows Label changes or this Company is using Labels from a different Company. If the latter is true then all Label changes will have to be made in the Parent Company.