Sometimes a standard Calibration just won't cut it and our customers have requested that we create a custom Test Type for their needs. This solution will explain how to install a Test Type.

Only Users that have access to System Options will be able to install Test Types. From the Home screen select File - System Options

With the System Options screen open select File - Set Up Test Type Packages...

If this is the first time you are installing a Test Type the system will alert you that you do not have any Test Types installed and would you like to install one. If the system already has a Test Type installed then the screen will open.

Select the Add New Record icon and the 'Choose New Package File' screen will open to the 'Bin' folder. See below:

ProCalV5 will come with the following Test Type Packages:

  • Manual Pass/Fail Test Type - Most often used for Vendor/Outside Calibrations
  • Switch Test Test Type
    • PC Switch Test - For entering a Calibration that involves a Switch. 
    • Fluke Switch Test - For entering a Calibration on a Fluke Calibrator that involves a Switch
  • Test Omission - Allows a user to Omit an entire Group during Calibration.

For more information about these Test Types and the others that are offered, drop us an email.