The following instructions will guide you on how to setup your Timeout settings in ProCalV5

Logon  with a User that has rights to the System Options

From the Home Screen select File - System Options

With the System Options and Defaults screen open, select the System Options tab

If the value entered is “0” the system will never timeout.


If the Value entered is “>0” The system will time out within the specified time entered. 

Ex: if “1” is entered then ProCal will timeout in 1 minute of inactive use.  If “10” is entered, then it will take 10 minutes of inactive use to time out.

 Note: If ProCalV5 does Time Out, you will not lose any unsaved data.

When your ProCalV5's session does Timeout, you will receive a Session Locked message.

To resume your session, reenter your Password. If you select Close you will receive the following Warning

Selecting Yes will close ProCalV5. Selecting No, will return to the Logon screen.