This quick tutorial will show you how to check and modify audit trail settings for a company and how to set the default for all new companies that are created.

Logon to ProCalV5 with a User that has Add/Modify rights for the Company screen.

Open the Company screen, Locations/History tab.

This will show you the options for the configuration of the audit trail for the current company you are in.  You can uncheck or check any of these in order to change the settings that apply to the current company and then save your work.

To view the Audit Trail, Navigate to a screen that has the Audit trail turned on and either select File - Show History, or use the Shortcut keys "CTRL+H"

To Save to an Excel Spreadsheet right click anywhere in the Audit Trail window and the “Save To Excel Spreadsheet” will appear.

There is also a System Default setting when set, New Companies added will be created with those options checked.

To set the default Audit Trail settings for all new Companies that are created, go to File → System Options, 21 CFR/History tab and in the “Default Values for Tracking Modification History for New Companies” section the options will be listed.  You can check or uncheck any of the settings.  Save your work in order to apply changes.

In versions and above, you have the option to set a Default Locale (Language).  So if you have ProCalV5 Users that use different Locales, all Audit Trails will be in the Default Locale.

To set this, open the Company screen, Locale Settings tab and set the Language default. Note - Changing this in the future will Not change previous entries to the new Locale.