If you are Adding a Test Point to the Bottom of the Grid or Removing the Last Test Point from the Grid, the easiest way to do that is to Increase or Decrease the Number of Cal Points.

But what if your Group has 14 Test Points and you want to insert a new one in the third position? Below, we will show you the easy way to do this!

First, navigate to the record and the Calibration Points tab and the Group that needs to be changed.

Add a Test Point

Highlight a cell (any cell in the row) just below where you want the new row and select Edit → Insert Before Current Test Point as shown below.

As you can now see above there is a new Calibration point above the 'In Val' of 122.0000 

Also, since you have added a new Cal point that the '# Cal Pts' has also increased automatically from 5 to 6.  You can now enter new information for the row or use the "Calculate" options.

Delete a Test Point

In order to Delete a Calibration Point, highlight a cell on the row and select Edit → Delete Current Test Point. 

The Calibration Point has been Deleted and the '# Cal Pts' has been reduced by one.