On the General Info tab of the Company screen, there is an option to "Use Own Labels" or "Use Labels from this Company"

ProCalV5 also offers you the option to "Use Labels from a different Company". This is very helpful because you will only have to make the Label change for one Company and it will be pushed out to all the Companies that are using your Labels. An example could be changing the Label for the Company screen to "Business Center" or "Facility".

If a Company is using Labels from a different Company then the option to 'Change Labels' will not be accessible because all Labels will have to be changed from the Master Company. (see below)

ProCalV5 gives you the opportunity to change the name of most fields. One of the most common changes is the default fields of Location and Building. 

A lot of customers will change these: Location to Building & Building to Room.

To change labels in ProCalV5, from the Home screen select Tools - User Defined Labels

Below is a screenshot from Version (Versions 5.4 through 5.7 will be similar)

In the grid above the columns are as follows:

  • DB Field Name - This is the default Database Field Name for the software
  • Table Name - The Screens where the Labels are
  • Default Label - The Default Label
  • Default Short Label - The Default Short Label (mostly for Reports)
  • Current Label - This column shows the current Label
  • Short Label - This column shows the current Short Label

Below is a screenshot from Version Multi-Language (Versions and up)

The layout is a little different but the Columns are the same. There is also an option to to change the Locale so that Users/Companies can have their Labels language specific.

To change the Labels of the Buttons on the Left side, you will use the "AUDIT____" values. See below