Updating multiple records


The Mass Update Utility is a tool used to change multiple records. If a User has the ability to modify a master record, then they will be able to create a Mass Update. If a User has Approval Rights for master records, then they will be able to ‘Apply’ the Mass Update. An Approval Policy can be applied to the Mass Update Utility enforcing additional sign offs. (Option available on the Company screen, Options tab.) The Utility can be accessed from the Home screen and the Tools menu.



Select Add New Record and select the Record Type from the dropdown. Enter a ‘Change Description’ (Optional)

Choose a field from the ‘Updating Fields’ dropdown and select the “+” symbol. This will add the value to the grid below. See example below for the Manufacture field.


If you have chosen a field that has a dropdown value (manufacture, status, calibration frequency…) then you will be able to select a value from the dropdown. Note: New values can not be created here, they will have to be created in the main program first.

If you have chosen a field that is an open text field (Description, Model #, Serial#...) you will enter the new value. Repeat until you have selected all fields that are to be updated.











The following steps will allow you to Replace Calibration Test Points to Master Records


Important – The Mass Update Utility will Not add additional Groups to a master record. It will Replace any existing Groups on the record. If you check the “Replace Specs” check box and do not add any Calibration Specs to the Mass Update, the Utility will remove any existing Groups on those master records.


When you check the “Replace Specs” check box, a new tab will be added “Spec Info”


You can either manually create the new Specs or select the Edit dropdown.



Selecting either will launch a new screen:


This screen is similar for both options. On this screen, you will Select an Item Type and then an Item ID (only records that have Test Point information will be listed) After you have selected the record select the “Load Specs” button. The record’s Calibration Group(s) will be displayed in a Read Only format. If you choose the option to load one Group and the record has more than one Group, you will use the Next button to review the other Groups. Once you select the Group select the “OK” button. it will load a single group or it will load all groups from the record. If you selected to load all Groups, you will still be able to navigate between the Groups but when you select the “OK” button you will receive all Groups. Once you have loaded Group(s) you can then edit the specs if required.



Selection Criteria

This screen works similar to the Advanced Query screen. As you define the query the record(s) that fit the Criteria will appear. In the example below, all the records that have ‘Druck’ as the Manufacture are listed for that record type and will be changed.




Validate the Update

Validating the Update will check all the records that will be updated to look for Errors or Warnings. Save the record and select “Validate Update” to view any errors for the selected records. Below we see 2 common errors, one record has an active Change Control and the other has a Blank Required Field.

Select the Mass Change Info tab and “Approve” the record. (Do not Finalize the record)


The “Apply Update” button will only become available after the record is Approved. Select Apply Update.


This will open a new screen with a list of Item IDs that fit your criteria. Right Clicking on the grid will give you options of 'Select All' and 'Clear All'. After you make your selections, select “OK” to update the selected records. A log file will be available to view afterwards.

Note: this update will be available to run multiple times until it is Finalized. Once the record is Finalized it will become locked down.

The User Manual has additional information if needed.