There may come a time when assets that are in one Company need to be moved to a different Company. Below are the steps that you will need to follow. You will need the "Import/Export" module.

In ProCalV5, navigate to the Original Company. From the Home screen select Tools - Export Selected Items

This will open the Export screen:

I recommend checking the "Clear Export Database Before Exporting Data" as this will prevent other records from being transferred. It is also recommended to move Calibration history, up to 999 Calibrations for each record (if they exist).

Next proceed to the last tab and select the items that you want to download

After you have selected the items, select the "Initiate Export"

After the Export is complete, navigate to Tools - Import - Import Into a Different Company

Select a different Company from the dropdown, set the "Warn on each conflict" (highly recommended) and Initiate Import