1 Overview


1.1 Mass Update Utility

The ProCalV5 Mass Update Utility, allows you to perform one or more updates to multiple records, of the same item type, at the same time. The Mass Update Utility will be translated based on Locale settings.

1.2 Accessibility

The Mass Update Utility will follow the User’s Access levels for the individual record types. Example, If a User can Add/Modify an Instrument record, then they will be able to perform a Mass Update for multiple Instrument records. The Utility can be launched from the Home screen by selecting Tools – Mass Update Utility:


1.3 Mass Update Utility, Mass Change Info Screen

After launching the Utility, it will open to the last Mass Update record, or if opening for the first time, it will be in the ‘Add’ mode. Before you can proceed, you will have to select an “Record Type” from the drop down, See figure below:

After you have selected the Record Type, you may enter a “Change Description” (optional) and then you can select from the “Updating Fields” (fields that are available will depend on the Record Type you selected) All fields that can be changed will appear in the drop down. In the figure below, in the green box, is a User Defined Variable as they can be Updated/Changed also.

After you select a field, you will then use the “+” (Plus sign) to add it. Depending on the type of field you selected, will dictate the value that can be entered. In the example below, I selected ‘Status’, so my list of available items will be the list of Statuses that already exist. (Note – You can Not add a new list item from the Mass Update screen.)

If you leave the “New Value” blank for one of the rows then, when the Utility is run, the Update will result in blanking out that field. To add additional fields to be Updated, just repeat until you have selected the ones for this Update. If you need to remove a row(s), highlight the row(s) and select the “Delete Selected Row(s)” button.

2 Specifications

2.1 Replace Specs

Checking the “Replace Specs” button will add a new tab, “Spec Info”

Warning – If you check the ‘Replace Specs’ setting, any records that you update will have their specs removed and replaced with the current specs (if any). The ‘Replace Specs’ setting will Not add new specs to the current specs.



When you select the ‘Replace Specs’ checkbox, two options become available from the Edit menu:

  • Load Test Point Group From Item – This option is the same as on the main screens and allows you to select a single group from a different record.

In the figure below, (Load Calibration Specification screen) we see that there are three Groups and the User will have to toggle to the single Group that they want to load.

  • Load Groups from Item – Similar to above except it will load all Groups instead of a single Group.

Once a Group(s) have been added, they can then be modified if needed.


3 Update Subtables

3.1 Subtables

Checking the “Update Subtables” will open a new tab “Sub Tables” where you can set to Add or Remove Document records and/or associated Vendors. (Vendors will only be available for Instruments and Test Instruments)

3.2 Documents

Users will be able to Add an associated Document and/or Remove an associated Document. See below:

3.3 Vendors

If performing a Mass Update for either an Instrument or a Test Instrument, the User will be able to Add and/or Remove associated Vendors. See below:



4 Selection Criteria

The Selection Criteria tab will give you a choice of ‘Query’ or ‘List’ (Available on Patch C and above)

Note – The Selection Criteria option will default to “Query” and cannot be changed if the Mass Update record is saved. If the “List” option is needed, it will have to be selected before Saving the record.

4.1 Query

This option works the same as the Advanced Query screen that is on most records. New to Patch C is the “Item Count” that will list the number records that can be affected.

4.2 List

With the ‘List’ option you can manually enter an ID and either select the “Add To Selection Criteria” button or the ‘Enter’ key, or you can use a Bar Code reader. Scanning a bar Code will add the ID (if it exists) to the grid. If you enter an ID that does not exist in the current Company you will receive the following error:


Below is a screen shot of the Selection Criteria tab, using the List option.

If you need to export or print the list, right clicking on the grid will give you options:

5 Applying the Mass Update

Once you have set all the criteria and added all records that you want to change

5.1 Validate Update

Validating the Mass Update will review all the records that meet the criteria and look for any errors that would prevent the records from being Updated. There are two main reasons why a record would throw an error:

  • The Record is in an Active Change Control
  • There are ‘Required Fields’ setup for the record that currently are blank and are not getting updated via the Mass Update.

In the screenshot below, record ‘123’ has a “Blank Required Field” and record ‘7243’ is in an active “Change Control”

Before you can Validate the Mass Update record you will have to save all changes. Validating the Mass Update is optional.

Note – Depending on how many records are in the list to be updated, the validation may take awhile.

5.2 Approve the Mass Update

Before you Approve the Mass Update, make sure that you have all the changes set because you will not be able to change the Mass Update record after it is Approved. On the ‘Mass Change Info’ tab (first tab) there is a checkbox to Approve a Mass Update. If this checkbox is not available to you (grayed out) there are two reasons:

  • There is an Approval Policy that has been set on the Company screen for Mass Updates and all Approvals will be checked on the Approvals tab.
  • You are not in a Group that has ‘Approval Rights’ for the record type.

Once the record is Approved, the “Apply Update” button will now be available:

Selecting the ”Apply Update” button will open a new screen, “Mass Update Errors” Right Clicking the grid will give you an option to ‘Select All’ or ‘Clear All’.

You can now select the records that you want to update and select the “OK” button. When complete, the following message will be displayed:

The ‘Update Results’ tab will show the records that were updated as well as a count of the records that were updated:

The Mass Update can be applied multiple times until the record is Finalized. Selecting the “Apply Update” button after you have successfully run the Update at least once will show the records that have been previously Updated with a red X


Once the record is Finalized, the Update can no longer be applied to records.