ProCalV5 Support Agents may ask for details around your SQL Server ODBC.

IMPORTANT: Opening the ODBC Data Source window requires Administrator access and may result in prompts for Administrator permissions. 

Changing anything in the ODBC Dialogs and clicking OK or Apply may cause your ProCalV5 connection to lose important information.

For a typical ProCalV5, version 5.8 installation, the ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) is PROCAL58S, but this may vary depending on how your environment has been set up.

  1. First open Start menu to your ProCal V5 program group or find "Launch ODBC Data Source Administrator".
    ℹ This shortcut will work regardless of 32 or 64-bit machines
  2. Open the "System DSN" tab
  3. Locate your ODBC Name and double click, or highlight and select "Configure..."

  4. From this screen it would usually be valuable to take a screen shot of each page
  5. The first page above shows the source name and what SQL Server instance you are pointing at.

  6. Click Next to see your connection details
  7. NOTE: Clicking Client Configuration... can be helpful to find if there is anything unique about your network requirements.
    This can be valuable for troubleshooting Network issues.

    Click Cancel to return to the connection screen.
  8. IMPORTANT: Before clicking Next >, If you do not have your SQL Server login information, leave the box "Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options" UNCHECKED.
  9. Your Default Database may be important.

  10. This last page may give information about your encryption settings or language.

When requested, it is valuable to provide all the screen shots of these details from your on-premise ProCalV5 installation to your Technical Support Agent.