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DeviceSync Assets page shows a list of assets sent in from ProCalV5 via the Upload/Download screen.

Important Notes

  • Asset ID on this page represents the Instrument, Loop, or System ID from ProCalV5.
  • Name data comes from the Description field.
  • As of this release, Physical Location comes from the Company Name (Sometimes used for Site)


Enter any portion of Asset ID, Name, or Serial Number and hit Enter to narrow the list.

Click the drop-down arrow to apply filters to other fields. 

Click Search or hit Enter to apply the filters.

Using the Grid

  • Click any column heading to Sort

  • Click anywhere on an Asset's row to select one Asset
  • Use CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click to select multiple Assets or a series of Assets in a row


For DeviceSync, these options are

  1. Download to Connected Device (Marks for Download and automatically sends to calibrator if connected)
  2. Delete from the List
  3. Customize Columns

Column Selection and Ordering

  • Click and Drag Column Headings to reorder columns on the Grid, or

  • Use the Customize Columns panel from the toolbar 
    • Click and Drag to Reorder columns
    • Check to make column visible
    • Uncheck to Hide
    • Hit Save

Context Menu

Right-click on an Asset Row to pull up the context menu.

View the Details pane by double-clicking or by using the eye icon.

For any lists greater than 50 items you can use the Paging controls at the upper right to go to Next, Prior, First, or Last Pages.