PCX Team Edition is now live!


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Simple, Safe, & Secure

Built on modern architecture, PCX is a web-based application that is compatible with the most popular web browsers. And as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, you can feel confident in the safety & security of your asset data.

  • All application updates and upgrades are included with your subscription.
  • PCX’s modern, intuitive user interface reduces training time.
  • Dashboard gives users an immediate view of calibration system.
  • Secure storage of Asset and Result data with File Attachments.
  • Easy self-administration of Users with simple pre-defined Roles.

Get Control

Easily create, import, and set up your instrumentation Assets. Set up Test Specifications for transmitters, indicators, switches, and more, or just attach relevant documentation to the record. Establish your calibration due dates and frequencies. Get out of the spreadsheets and into a cohesive calibration system.

Screen of PCX showing personalized Asset Views with easy column and sorting controls




Use quick searches and advanced filtering to get to the Assets you need and kick off a new calibration with one click. Efficient and concise data entry forms are built per your specifications. Easily search for referenced Test Standards to ensure traceability. With one click, generate the certificate report your stakeholders need.



Deliver Insights

Analyze your performance with year-over-year calibration graphs. Watch out for accuracy drift of your instrumentation using PCX's Results Trend tool. Invite team members. Create your own filtered and sorted List Views for navigation or export. Concerned with bad or out-of-spec Test Standards? Consult the Reverse Traceability reporting and searches to find impacted processes within minutes.


  • New edition of our PCX web-based calibration management platform
  • Single Site
  • Multi-User


  • Brand new web application experience
  • Create, Import and Manage Assets
    • Instruments, Test Standards, Loops and Equipment
  • Test Specifications
    • Allows multi-point Test Point Accuracy tests using common test strategies
  • Search Assets
    • Search by Description, ID or other fields to filter down the list of items to send to your connected calibrator
  • Dashboard
    • Shows an Organization-wide quick view of overall counts and year-over-year results processed through DeviceSync and PCX in the DeviceSync edition. 
    • Gives a quick view into overdue and coming due Assets
  • Languages
    • Spanish and Portuguese have "beta" support available from the User settings menu
  • Calibration Results
    • Select between automatic and manual selection of the testing outcomes for As Found and As Left
  • Reporting
    • Calibration Certificate report easily accessible from any Result listing


  • Browser recommendations for web experience
    • Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

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  • Are there any limits on number of Assets we can manage in PCX?
    • PCX supports unlimited Assets on any plan. Each plan level may contain restrictions on using one or more Sites
  • How are data backups managed?
    • Prime Technologies uses leading cloud providers to execute daily backups which are stored for 30 days. This can assist with recovery concerns in the event of any kind of disaster.
  • How are Users identified? What personal information, if any is required?
    • Each PCX user must have an email address, a Name, and a Role. The email must be valid in order to activate each account but the Name can be any text. Roles are built into PCX for View-Only, Technician, and Administrator access. Information like Title and Phone Number are not required.
  • Is a Trial System available?
    • Absolutely! We can set you up with a sandbox and guide you through the process, or feel free to explore on your own. 
  • Are help resources and technical support available?
    • Our Help Center is available for all your PCX knowledge base needs, and our ticketing system is available for any problems you encounter in your calibration management journey. These resources are included in your subscription. 
  • How often is PCX updated? Will updates affect my data?
    • PCX will be updated roughly 4 times a year, with some patch releases happening intermittently as needed. Our development team takes great care to notify you of any data concerns and our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience from day one.
  • Can PCX be installed at my own data center?
    • At this time, PCX is built to be a cloud-first technology leader. Let us know your situation in a free consultation with our sales group to see if ProCalV5 is a better fit for your calibration needs.
  • Does PCX supply multiple languages?
    • PCX's primary language is English but provides "beta" support for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. See our PCX Feature Portal and submit a message so we can learn about your language needs and prioritization!
  • What roles in my organization is PCX intended for?
    • PCX is built for Calibration Technicians, I & E (Instrumentation and Electrical) Technicians, Calibration Supervisors and Calibration Managers. Other roles that may find value in your organization include Metrologists, Quality Assurance Managers, Instrument Owners and Maintenance Technicians.
  • What kinds of Instruments does PCX support?
    • With a long list of preconfigured Manufacturers and Units of Measure, it is easy to create and configure a variety of instruments like pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, I/P transducers, indicators, gauges, temperature elements, probes, and switches. Configure additional Units and Manufacturers to establish your requirements
  • Can PCX be used to manage in-house and external 3rd party calibrations on the same platform?
    • Yes! Using File Attachments and our "Manual Pass/Fail" Test Specification Type, it can be rather simple to keep track of external calibrations for easy reference during any audit. In-house calibrations, or calibrations where the data is owned by your organization, can use our other purpose-built Test Specification Types like Test Point Accuracy and Switch Test
  • Can I set up an Asset Hierarchy?
    • PCX offers a few methods to set up and create your hierarchy such as Loops with component Instruments, and a simplified Functional Location identifier approach for Instruments, Loops and Equipment.
  • Can PCX be used with Documenting Process Calibrators?
    • Coming Soon! See our PCX Feature Portal for more information on the latest updates we plan to deliver!
  • Can I migrate data into PCX?
    • PCX supplies an easy Import Template to create Assets from a spreadsheet. For Administrators this will also assist with auto-configuration of values like Classifications, Locations and Manufacturers. Do you have a more complex data format? Contact Us and we can review data migration options!