User Entered values with the Drywell as Source and a computer readout as Measure.


User needs to run a calibration in which they are sourcing C via a Drywell but capturing a manually typed read out for calibration As Found/As Left.


The main Calibration Points tab should hold the Signal Types and ranges for display on a report like a calibration certificate.

E.g. 0 to 100 C for both input and output, One or more test points.

The "DPC Settings" or "Group Options" area should use Drywell as Source mode.

For measure mode there are some options such as

  • RTD
    • requires a Probe Type and # of Wires
  • TC
    • requires a Probe Type and CJC Default
  • DC Voltage (complex)
    • requires Unit Type of "Custom" and Custom Base Unit of MV, Custom Base Range of Low 0.000, High 100.000, or similar

The idea here is that we can allow the reading to move forward even when the calibrator is ignoring the actual measured value, and enforcing that the User enter the reading value.

in all cases the output/measure setting of Reading Method is critical to allowing the 754 to capture the manually entered output.

Key points
- Using a TC or RTD Measure Mode with any "dummy" Probe Type allows the user to use "C" as the Unit / Signal Type for Measurement without complex Custom Unit ranges.
- Reading Method setting for the Measure/Output mode settings is the key to allowing the User Entered prompt to appear
- During test execution, the "Accept Point" softkey button must be pushed once source is stabilized in order to allow the 754 to make the UEV prompt appear.