This is a help guide for the PCX application created by Prime Technologies. The purpose of this guide is to provide users of PCX with information regarding usage scenarios and key features of PCX. In addition, the document details information the user will require regarding accessing PCX and DeviceSync.

What is PCX with Agent and DeviceSync?

  • PCX is a cloud application, along with Agent and DeviceSync software, allows ProCalV5 Users to transfer one or more items as tasks to their locally connected Documenting Process Calibrator (DPC) anywhere they have an internet connection. 
  • It allows safe, secure and easy data capture of calibration results performed on the calibrator back to the ProCalV5 system of record using the power of cloud computing.
  • Additional "add-on" feature allows for the transfer of mobile files, regardless of a cloud or on premise implementation.  Specifically designed for ProCalV5 mobile databases movement, but is not limited to ProCalV5 MDB files.

“A perfect compliment to a SaaS or Enterprise-wide deployment of ProCalV5, users can perform calibrations and retrieve results faster than ever before!”

Getting Started with PCX/DeviceSync

To connect your ProCalV5 system to PCX and DeviceSync you will need to do the following:

  • Verify your Organization Administrator account provided by Prime Technologies
  • Install the Mediator Agent service next to your ProCalV5 database
  • Install the PCX Agent Adapter Port with your ProCalV5 client(s)
  • Invite and administer your Users
  • Download and start using DeviceSync from PCX user profile.