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Making field in approved calibration records selectable and able to be copied

We often are required to include tags, descriptions, calibration IDs and other information from Procal V5 into other documents or other Procal files. The problem is that certain fields are greyed out after the Calibration or Master Instrument file has been saved and approved. We would like to be able to select and copy the information in those fields; retyping results in errors. I attached a file with screen shots but I could not tell if the file actually attached or not.

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In ProCalV5, the software will gray out (Lock-Down) fields indicating that they can no longer be edited after a record has been Finalized.

For some fields the (Found As & Left As) the shortcut keys of CTRL+C will not work but if you highlight the field and Right Click, you will get an option to Copy.

As a workaround, may I suggest a screen shot, Print out a Report or attach a pdf of the Report to the document.

Could you be more specific as to the fields that you want to copy?

I sent this as a reply email to Robert, but I think it would be good to share with others, I hadn't revisited the forum until now to see his response here:


 I understand that fields should not be editable after finalization, but they should be selectable, so the content can be copied and pasted in other applications.

 This is quite annoying for us, since often we need to refer to tags, calibration report numbers and Maximo work order numbers that comes from a Procal document and needs to be pasted into an email or Word document etc. These fields are unavailable now. Snipping or screen capture is several steps that we really wouldn’t need to do if we could [select and cntl+C] the fields.



This isn’t just with the fields that are grayed out; the Maximo WO# field with the black text in this finalized record is unavailable for copy / pasting for me as well (at least at my access level).


Copy / Pasting reduces typing errors and streamlines the documentation process. Also very useful when creating queries; the correct text to search every time.




William Kraus

I think being able to copy any field would be great. We use several user defined fields for other unique information.  Some of these numbers are long and or tedious to type.  There is also a level of difficulty to read when using a laptop with a small screen.