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Printing QR codes that directly link to a calibration record or work request.


We have a lot of different employees that may need records to various calibration records. We currently have Webview and ProCal V5.4. We are looking at moving to the hosted version. Its difficult to maintain access for all employess that may need to get to a calibration record. 

I would like to find a way to print a calibration label that has a  QR code. This QR code would link directly to the calibration record associated with the label. 

Or the ID label could pull up all the previous calibrations associated with that record.


At this time ProCal does not have the ability to read QR codes. As technology evolves we may have to address this, but at this time it is not on our road map.

With that said, as you know we do have Bar Code capability and if you open the Calibration screen and select the Find button, you should be able to scan the barcode label.


Thanks for the input - this has been captured as feature request, reference 05800. 

If the QR codes could access data records - you would still want the user to have to authenticate their access level and be authorized to see the shared data, right? 


Mike McClain