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Option for printing reports in csv format

It would be nice to have an option to save reports in csv format so that they can be converted to Excel easily. 


Sorry for the long gap in replying. Have you tried exporting a report to Excel? Or when you say Report are you referring to something else within the application?

thank you!

Mike McClain

Hi Mike,

What I am referring to is when I try to generate a report using Procal it gives the option to either print the report as an XPS file or a PDF. Neither of these options are easy to convert to an Excel-friendly format without purchasing add-ons to excel for pdf's or buying third-party software for XPS. Is there a way to export Procal reports to CSV or another more Excel-friendly format?



Hi Jason,

First, preview the Report. Then from the toolbar within the Preview window, you'll see an Export option in the upper left of the toolbar

This then offers more formats to choose from. From there, you still have to go through either using the VMWare horizon client's file sharing, or the ProCal DeviceSync tool to get your file. Also - not every report might line things up in that format just right.

Hope that helps but I agree that it could be more straight forward. Do you plan on using Excel to do some data analysis or just some reformatting?


Mike McClain

Thank you, I was able to find it per your instructions. This is what I needed. I needed both reformatting and some analysis. In Excel it is easier to organize/sort the data by functional areas of the plant and it helps me to plan which areas I need to target for calibrations. 


Awesome thank you for the feedback. This helps clarify the level of interactivity you would ultimately like to see in your asset and asset schedule data out of ProCal.

-Mike McClain